Follow-ups, how do they work?!

Adding followups and automating the process is actually why you are using this outreach tool - so you don't need to monitor responses in your mailbox, dig through excel files and waste time doing it manually.

When OutreachPlus sends out an email (through your email client) we also send out a tracking pixel. When someone responds to the email, we check the emails for this tracking pixel and assign it to the relevant campaign.  Having this pixel also means we get notified when someone opens up the email.

When you receive the response from matched email address, all outreach is stopped for that contact and follow-ups will not be sent out.

Getting a response is an end goal for outreach campaigns, so any further communication must be done manually, through our unified Inbox. 

Any contact that didn't respond to your first email, will receive a followup as set in your Campaign on Step 4. 



*Quick note - System will send out follow-ups exactly "X" days after previous attempts (1 day = 24 hours) not at the first available time slot for that day (as set in Campaign wizard, step 2).

Follow-ups are automated and need no action from your end! Once you receive a response to any email in the chain, follow-ups will automatically stop for that contact.

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