How do I connect my email account?

You won't be able to send emails without connecting an email account to OutreachPlus, so this is an important step!

One big difference between an email outreach tool and an email marketing or marketing automation tool is that you send the emails from your own email client.

When you register for OutreachPlus, you will be prompted to connect your email account. If you haven't done this yet, click on your image on the top right of the application (note: if we can't associate your name with an image, we'll display the first letter of your first name). Then select 'Email Accounts.'



From there, select the option to add an email account and we'll show you the types that are available. The 'Other' option is when you want to connect an email service that supports IMAP (we don't support POP). If you have Office 365 account, please check this article.


After you connect your account, you'll be able to select that account when you are sending emails from the campaign.

If this is your main email account and you don't want to see other emails (or you don't want your team to see them) you can specify a folder where OutreachPlus picks up emails from and then you can automatically move emails to this folder from your email client.


What email address should you use?

This depends on who you are reaching out to and the volume of emails.  

For example:

  • You are reaching out to a group of friends/business partners/employees etc - use your normal email address.
  • You are reaching out to a group of people that know of your great reputation but may not know you personally and you are reaching out to a small group of people at one time - use your own email address.
  • You are reaching out to a large volume of people that do not know you - Set up a separate domain and email address as you are more likely to get spam complaints and that could eventually damage the reputation of your domain.
  • You are reaching out on behalf of clients.  Follow the same guidelines above with your client emails.

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