How do I match unmatched emails?

When someone responds to an email as part of a campaign, we try to match the prospect with a campaign.

If we're able to match it, then you see the campaign name in the inbox list.

If it's not matched you'll see 'unmatched'.

So you might be wondering why we can't match some items:

  1. Some emails that aren't part of any campaign may come into the inbox. 
  2. You send an email to a person and they respond from a different email address. 

If a prospect is unmatched, you can still match manually. Click on the edit button beside 'unmatched' and you'll see a screen similar to the following. To match a prospect, enter your search in the highlighted box:

We'll then show you the results. Just select the most relevant search result to match it to the prospect.

What happens if you don't match a prospect?

If it's a valid prospect and you don't match it then we can't associate the email response with the prospect. The email still gets delivered, but when you look at the prospect record, you will not see a record of this response.

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