How do I process responses to Emails?

When you first register with OutreachPlus, you're prompted to connect your email account so the outreach emails can be sent from this account. After you create a campaign and send emails the responses come back to the inbox within OutreachPlus. They will also stay in your normal inbox. 

When you get a response we try to match it up with a specific campaign. We have tracking enabled on all emails so typically we are able to make a match.

Here's an example of a match:

We have matched the response to a campaign called 'Link building.  Now you are ready to take action on the email.

1.  On the left-hand side, you can see the 'expand' option.  This shows previous emails that were sent to this person.

2.  You can click on the subject and the email opens up for you to review.

3.  You can also click on one of the actions on the right-hand side:

  • Reply  - reply to the person. 
  • Reply all - reply to everyone that is in the email. 
  • Forward - forward the email to someone. 
  • Match prospect -  this is only useful if the prospect is 'unmatched' or matched to the wrong prospect. 
  • Block - this is an option to block sending emails to this person in the future.

Replying to Email

When you reply to an email it looks like most email clients. The only difference is that you'll have the option to select a 'reply' template that you can use. 

The bar on the right-hand side will show the status of the email i.e. Response Received, Auto Response, Bounced, Waiting for a Response, or No Further Action. You'll also see the outreach status which shows the 'warmth' of the prospect. 

There are also additional options to add notes, bock the email or create a task. 

When you have replied to an email we will store a record of this in the prospect database and the reply will also be associated with the relevant campaign. If you edit a prospect record you'll see all the emails that were sent.

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