How many emails can I send per day?

First of, you should check your selected Plan. Solo plan is limited to 1000 emails per month, while other plans are not limited.

Daily sending limit can be set in your Outreach settings and it is account wide - for all emails connected. It is set by default to 200, but you can change it to whatever suits your needs.

Sending limit is also limited by your email hosting and getting over it can get you in jeopardy of being sanctioned.

You can find daily sending limit for Gmail and G-suite accounts below:

Gmail -

G-suite -

In short - up to 500 emails via Gmail accounts and 2000 for G-suite accounts.

Outlook is a bit different. Here is a list of things that can affect your sending limit:

  • Your account age
  • How often do you access your account
  • How well do you comply with the MSN / Code of Conduct
  • Your email account being verified or not

If the above conditions are met – you will be allowed to send maximum 300 emails per day.

For Office 365 accounts, hard cap is 10.000 recipients per day.

If you have a custom (other) email provider, best option is to check with their support.

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