How OutreachPlus sends emails?

Simply put, we connect to your email account and send an email like a regular user would (but automated!).

We send out a tracking pixel with every email so we can match responses to relevant campaigns and track campaign stats later on.

Since all sending is done via your email account, we have set up some rules so you don't get in jeopardy of being penalized by your email host.

All email hosts have a daily sending limit, please check this article for more details - How many emails can I send per day?

We do not send out all emails immediately. After you set up your campaign, add prospects, emails and followups, you progress to Step 5 of your Campaign Wizard. 

You will notice that main action is "Add emails to queue" and not "Send".

In order to protect your account, we have set up a minimum sending delay between each email to 30 seconds or more, and this number can't be reduced.

In conclusion, if you queue up 100 emails, they will not go out immediately, but over a period of 50 minutes (3.000 seconds).

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