How to add users to your account

OutreachPlus allows multiple people to work on your outreach projects. When you sign up to OutreachPlus, you can choose to have one user account on your license, or you can upgrade to add more users. 

When you have more users you can add them to your account and give them a separate login. Select the "Users" section of the admin menu and there you'll be able to see the users you have configured and their level of access.

There are 3 levels of access:

  • Administrator - They get to see and do everything they want!  
  • Manager - A Manager doesn't have access to billing but gets access to everything else. The Manager will typically create projects, create users, assign permissions, and track performance.
  • User - A user does not have access to billing. They also cannot set project permissions and may be blocked by the Manager for certain projects.

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