How to reach out to prospects via Contact Form?

If you don’t have an email for a prospect, we offer an option to reach out via Contact Form.

While adding a prospect on step 3, simply switch “Perform Outreach VIA” to contact form and fill out required fields. Since we do not support automatic contact form outreach, we will add a simple 4 step guide for you to follow:

1. Add prospect to a campaign via Contact Form

2. Proceed to Step 4 and write your email (or use a template)

3. Fill out the form on Prospect’s website manually.

4. Proceed to Step 5 of Campaign Wizard and click on Process Forms action.

Once you get a response from an email associated to that prospect, you can match it to said prospect and OutreachPlus will be able to track the conversation (stats, link clicks, etc…)

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