Processing emails and tracking results

Processing Emails

When you connect your email account and send emails, we track all the responses you get from prospects. You can view the responses and send replies directly from your OutreachPlus inbox instead of going to your email client.

When the responses start coming in, by default you will see the preview of the received messages. However, if you want to have a 'cleaner' view of your inbox, you can turn the email preview off.

When you get a response, we do our best to match that response to an existing campaign. If we can’t, we’ll list it as ‘unmatched’ and then you can manually match it to the appropriate campaign.   When a response is matched any follow-on emails in the queue are immediately stopped. To match an incoming email to an existing campaign, select the edit icon to the left and you'll see the 'Match with Prospect' screen. Type in the search field to find the prospect and then select the prospect by clicking on it.

When your emails are sent out, we’ll track the bounce rate, open rate, as well as link clicks (if configured). This additional information helps you understand what’s working/not working so you can adjust accordingly.

When you don’t get a response to an email, you can send one or more follow-up emails. We will track if someone responds and only send a follow-on email if they don’t. If there are unmatched emails arriving in your inbox, it’s important to match them up with a campaign because then we’ll know not to send any scheduled follow-on emails for this.

Inbox Filters

We created inbox 'labels' so that you easier see the status of emails in your inbox.

There are five inbox filters available (Response Received, Auto Response, Bounced, Waiting for a Response, and No Further Action) to help you get to the right emails more easily.

If it's response received or bounced we'll automatically set that status.  The other statuses are set manually.

When you click on the email subject and open an email, you will see the status of that email and the outreach status on the right sidebar. If needed, you can change these statuses manually.
You can additionally process an email from the right sidebar by adding notes, blocking an email, or creating a task.


Tracking Results

Here are the best ways to track how things are going:

When you view a campaign you can see the information such as:

  • Emails sent
  • Open rate
  • Response rate
  • Click rate (if you have it enabled)

This information is stored against each prospect so you can review this for the current and for future campaigns.

You can also track results by using the dashboard and campaign summary screens.

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