The importance of Outbound Marketing

In the age of Social Media and Content Marketing, many people started thinking that marketing is all about inbound.

In an ideal world, we could focus on creating amazing content to organically drive tons of relevant traffic to our websites and some of this traffic would convert into sales.

But as competition grows online, it is becoming harder and harder to attract traffic. Social media reach is continuing to decline and it's becoming harder and harder to get on the first page of Google for relevant keywords. 

In order to get the results you're after, you need to do both inbound and outbound marketing. It's not a case of “either/or,” it's a case of “and”.

Outbound marketing is all about reaching out to relevant people to promote your content, products or services. It has an immediate effect on your brand but also results in an ongoing impact as more people hear about your products and services, bringing you inbound traffic. 

Here's an outline of inbound versus outbound techniques. From the following image, you can see that there is an overlap:

Many businesses will miss this shift and will continue to focus on inbound marketing only. This opens up great opportunities for the rest of us who realize the importance of combining inbound and outbound techniques for maximum results.  

But.... we need to do outbound marketing in an authentic way and do it differently than the 95% of other businesses that don't know how to do outbound correctly. 

Our tool provides the framework for email outreach - an incredibly important part of outbound marketing. We also provide a valuable knowledge base that is meant to offer guidance and help you build outreach campaigns that can make an absolute difference for your business. We will update it regularly with new articles, sharing all the tips and tricks of the trade. 

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