What are Merge Codes and how to use them? - Email Personalization

You want your prospect to feel that your message is directed to them, not to a large group of people. With OutreachPlus, you can upload custom fields and then use them as part of your outreach. 

For example, you could import the title of the person and mention it to make the message feel more personalized (e.g. as a fellow CEO). If you have a smaller outreach list you can build your emails using relevant merge codes and templates and then do minor changes to each email before you send. 

Let's look at this sample CSV:

We have a list of our contacts and all the data associated to them. So, if I look at Bob, I can see his email, website, title of that amazing guide he wrote, etc...

What we do now, is import this CSV in our campaign and match those columns with relevant Merge Codes.

After we match every relevant merge code we can proceed to step 4 and write our email and follow-ups. If we add merge codes in those emails, they will be automatically filled up with matched values for each contact.

For example:

Hi {{FirstName}}, 

I enjoyed reading {{PageTitle}}... 

will be 

Hi Bob, 

I enjoyed reading Bob's Amazing Guide... - for Bob


Hi Jim, 

I enjoyed reading 10 tips from Jim... - for Jim

After we write our email, add merge codes and set up our follow-ups, we can process our camping and each contact will get their nice and personalized email. All done!

*Note: If you have a column that is not under our system merge codes (i.e. City) you can match it to a Custom code and will get the option to add it on Step 4. Merge code will be named as the column it was matched to, in this example {{City}}. 

Merge Codes in Templates

When you create a template you can decide what merge codes to use. But remember that the merge codes will only work if you have the data needed to replace them!


You can also upload a file with additional fields and we will create custom merge codes for these fields so you can still use them in your outreach.


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