What are Projects? (Agency Plan)

A project is a way of grouping campaigns that are related to specific parts of your business or specific clients you work with. Project functionality is only available if you have an Agency plan.

You may want to use projects to separate out clients or maybe different websites.

There are two places to create a project:

1.  Go to the project screen and select the 'New Project' button

2.  Within the campaign wizard click the + button.

When you create a project you need to provide the following information:

  • Project name - This uniquely identifies the project. 
  • Project description - Enter this in case you forget what you created the project for!
  • Outreach status - You can switch a project on or off. If it's switched off then no activity can happen on this project. The project will not be available for selection within the campaign wizard.
  • Permissions - If you are an Administrator or Manager, you can remove permissions for certain users for your project. When you remove permissions they will not see this project on their project list.

How do I restrict access to projects?

If you are an Admin or Manager, you can set permissions on projects.

By default, all users have access to projects but you can remove access for specific users (and connected email accounts) when creating or editing a project.

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