What are the different types of Outreach campaigns?

When you are setting up a campaign type, you'll be able to choose from the following default options:

Lead generation

With inbound marketing, you are relying on traffic generated to your home which could be your website, your social media pages, etc. Getting free traffic is great, but a lot of that traffic is not qualified i.e. visitors may not be suitable customers for your business. With outreach, it's a completely different story. You can create highly targeted prospect lists which gives you a much better chance of generating business.

Content promotion

You'll use this type of campaign to promote a specific piece of content. This is an excellent tactic for increasing the number of links and shares you get for your content.

PR campaign

You will choose this campaign type if you want to reach out to the media to promote a new product or service. When you're pitching a story to the media, make sure that you have a unique, interesting and newsworthy angle. Otherwise, you'll just waste time.

Build links and authority

Link building is a very effective tactic for driving traffic and increasing domain authority of your website. Here are some examples of link building campaigns:

  • Unlinked brand mentions - Monitor brand/product mentions that don't link to you and reach out to acquire those links
  • Broken link building - Find broken links on high authority websites and reach out to convince them to replace a broken link with a link to your site
  • Guest posting - Find guest post opportunities on high authority sites that will allow at least one link back to your website. 

Influencer marketing

Working with influencers who have large, relevant audiences can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Use this campaign type to reach out to influencers, build relationships, and partner with them to promote your content or your brand to their audience.

Account management

An important part of outreach is reaching out to your existing customers and partners. You will use this type of campaign to send emails that nurture relationships, improve retention, and increase sales.


If your outreach campaign doesn't fit into any of the above categories select 'other'.  You can run whatever campaign you like!

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